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Databases and data-driven projects
Google Earth Projects
Relational Database

We create databases for numbers of different purposes depending on clients needs.

In some cases, we merely organize data for subsequent use in other programs. That might include using the data to plot drillholes within AutoCAD, feature displays within ArcGIS, or display of sites in Google Earth. 

Data might entail only a single table with a few hundred records. Often, data is radically more complex and chaotic, encompassing several million records and requiring advanced organization of many different types of inter-related information.

We design databases using Microsoft Access because it is highly flexible and designed for relatively small amounts of data (up to a few million records). Existing data can be entered using Access or collected from Excel spreadsheets, websites, Word documents, CSV files and other databases. We usually design databases for subsequent use by individuals in other disciplines by designing custom forms and custom searches using SQL and Visual Basic for Applications. We like designing with Access because its databases can be used in more robust programs such as SQL Server and Oracle as needs grow.

Many people realize it is time to step up to a database when they start having trouble connecting data across several Excel spreadsheets. We beg you, don't beat yourself up trying to make a spreadsheet do the work of a database. Please come see us when you need to simplify your chaos.

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