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Other Miscellaneous Services
Miscellaneous Services

The biographies of Cadd Services personnel will show that we have a wide range of experiences, skills and contacts, not necessarily related to geologic and architectural drafting. Those off-topic skills have frequently helped our clients in ways none of us ever planned.

For instance, we have arranged satellite tasking and custom air photography. We have located book scanners and book publishers. We have created custom art work for albums, business cards, and brochures. We have designed logos for several clients. We have created and printed giveaway maps, Christmas cards, party posters and office announcements.  We've even had custom cardboard boxes manufactured and worked with cartoonists.

Truth be told, non-typical projects with unpredictable problems are the fun jobs. Of course, those kinds of projects make for impossible advertising.


The point is...if you're in a bind and don't know where to turn for some weird problem, give us a call. We might just be able to help

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